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Are you really like us and constantly thinking about your next adventure travel planning fairly here in Hostelworld is taken by us, which entails staying ahead of their upcoming travel styles that are most exciting. Thats why weve recognized the 1 9 backpacking destinations for 201 9, dependent on the biggest increase in all round amazing-ness and reservations! .

Get ready for a few thrill seeking adventures in Central America and little-explored European stone. Obviously, there are some old favorites on this list you just cant beat the classics!

Here are the ideal backpacking destinations to visit in 201 9 and some of our hostels to remain in while youre there.

Georgia should be on your travel radar and has seen a surge. You could spend weeks in capital city Tbilisi alone, strolling around the cobbled Old Town, exploring ancient ruins, soaking at a bathhouse and discovering Georgian food (hello, dumplings ). If you fancy escaping the city, have a visit to Kazbegi for a few hardcore mountain hikes, or to the Kakheti region to sample some wine. .

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Envoy Hostel Tbilisi is someplace to meet travellers in Tbilisis Old Town's center. Guests can enjoy views of the town from their roof terrace, and their welcoming staff are always available to provide expert travel advice from a neighborhood perspective.

Historical buildings that sit on top of limestone cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Malta is a destination. Known for its remarkable historic sites which encircle the story of its series of rulers such as the Romans and British and the nation to mention a few.

Then weve found it if youve been on the lookout for a modern hostel with blue views of the Mediterranean! This hostel is in a perfect location that allows backpackers to explore the city with ease and then go to scenic views over the Med, whilst sipping on a beer.

The rooms are spacious with air conditioning and offer great safety. Plus, they offer a floor of dorms for feminine backpackers. Aside from the views that are hostels, it also is in a great place with restaurant choices and numerous street food , attractions nearby and of course the clubbing district. .

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Turkey is famous for its tasty cuisine, but its not just food that can leave you drooling! This Mediterranean paradise also boasts beautiful white sandy beaches, magnificent turquoise waters history, amazing archaeological sites and culture. Turkey is a joy (see exactly what we did there!) For backpackers, offering budget costs and some truly memorable experiences; like the dreamy hot air balloon rides over the renowned fairy chimneys of Cappadocia which youll have observed around Instagram.

Mmmmm! .

Shoe Strng Cave House is a hostel set among five traditional cave houses that are Turkish! Situated in the Kapadokya region, if youve ever fancied experiencing the renowned fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, this is where to be. Should you fancy drifting in a hot air balloon join up to a tour at reception, however if youd take and spectate snaps relax! right here Shoestring Cave House also offers a swimming pool, an outside bar and the unforgettable experience a night of sleeping inside a cave, all from 5! .

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Growing in popularity year upon year is your paradise of Sri Lanka; dwelling to cities mountain townswildlife and beaches. Compared to its neighbour India, Sri Lanka is an unbelievable destination in its own right. Its an Wonderful place for animal lovers, as Yala National Park gives the best chanceIn the entire world to see wild leopards, as well as elephants, crocodiles and buffalo.

Hangover Hostels in Mirissa is a great foundation for living your very best beach life. Swim, surf and snorkel to your hearts content, when youve built up an appetite make your way back to the hostel to get a juicy burger and a beer.

If youre considering backpacking to a destination that's mighty rich in history, but you havent found the ideal destination yet, let's introduce you to Egypt! A nation that attracts curious backpackers that are eager to explore its ancient history that quietly, yet forcefully, fills the territory. Boasting numerous things to see from sailing on the famed Nile River, to dusting off your magnifying glass to perform some exploring from ancient times, including the pyramids, temples and much more.

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